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    What it’s like being a methadone doctor

    Written by Dr. John Crosby – November 28, 2017 for . I recently had lunch with Dr. Andrew Worster, an old friend from my emergency days 25 years ago. He works at an opioid addiction clinic in Cambridge, Ont., and still does ER shifts at Hamilton General Hospital. He works in the ER one or two eight-10-hour shifts per week but doesn’t do night shifts any more so he enjoys the two jobs. He has been practising for 26 years and also runs a non-profit corporation called BEEM — Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine — which conducts evidence-based emergency medicine courses for emergency doctors worldwide. Andrew works in the addiction clinic on Monday morning and all day Wednesday. It is a private business and they help patients get healthcare cards He says that 70% of the patients are functioning, with jobs and families. Many patients start with chronic pain and about 50% work at physically demanding jobs, hence, they use opioids to get through the day’s work as their bodies are wearing out on the job. They start small and gradually require higher and higher doses for relief. Andrew said he feels opioids are sometimes appropriate for short-term severe pain but not for non-cancer chronic pain. Andrew noted that doctors and the patients...

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    Hamilton music community hosts overdose training as opioid crisis grips city

    Event is happening at This Ain’t Hollywood in downtown Hamilton tonight “Ace Piva knows the dangers of opioid addiction all too well. He’s seen it up close — both as a tour manager across Canada, and as an addictions counsellor in Hamilton. Now, as overdoses and deaths due to opioid use continue to mount across the city, Piva has launched an addiction and recovery nonprofit organization specifically for the music industry. It’s called Over the Bridge — a nod to the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ breakout hit Under the Bridge, which was written about addiction, loneliness and dependency. Tonight, Piva is hosting a naloxone training and overdose prevention awareness event at This Ain’t Hollywood, in an effort to save lives in an industry where the party rarely stops…” By Adam Carter, CBC News – Read full story on CBC website,...

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    Keys Facts About the Opioid Addiction

        The media attention across North America is shining a light on the epidemic that some are saying is worse than any we have seen in past 30 years. The country’s opioid addiction epidemic is fueled by prescription addiction, synthetic drugs, and the extremely addictive heroin drug. We need to arm ourselves with information to fight against this issue. Here are some key facts you should know: Synthetic fentanyl, not prescription, may have a higher potency than normal fentanyl. It is sometimes pressed into fake pills such as OxyContin or Xanax but can also be found mixed into other street drugs like heroin. Most people are unaware that they are consuming fentanyl when it is laced with other drugs. According to a police report on fentanyl, bootleg fentanyl is about 40 times more potent than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine.#2 The number of prescriptions written for opioids also quadrupled between 1999-2010. Opioids are intended to treat pain. They can create a feeling of euphoria, which may lead to the potential of them to be used improperly. Opioids can be prescribed as the following medications: Codeine Fentanyl Morphine Oxycodone Hydromorphone Medical heroin There are many long-term effects of using opioids which may include: Increased tolerance to the drug Substance use disorder...

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    Ways to Transmit Hepatitis C

        Many people are unclear on how Hepatitis C is transmitted. Hepatitis C is able to be transmitted through indirect sources. Hepatitis C can by transferred through any item that carries the virus, even if it is indirect. Let us educate you on potential ways that Hepatitis C can be transmitted so you can protect yourself. Hepatitis C is contagious. It is mainly transmitted via blood-to-blood transfer. This transmission can occur by Sharing Needles – the most significant risk behaviour is drug use. The sharing of contaminated needles and other drug equipment puts you at risk of infection. Acupuncture & Tattoo Needles – without proper sterilization, needles can carry the virus. Being put into your skin for treatment can allow for the Hepatitis C virus to be transferred. (not only the needles but the ink can also carry the virus) – ink should not be shared either. Surgical or Diagnostic instruments Sexual Contact – Heterosexual or homosexual activity can put you at risk, it is not discriminate or selective. Rates of transmission are higher when a person has multiple sexual encounters. Organ Transplants. Hepatitis C is transmitted or spread when the blood from a Hepatitis C-infected person enters the bloodstream of someone who is not infected. Hepatitis C transmission happens only through exposure to...

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    CATC – partnering to improve lives of patients

    CATC – partnering to improve lives of patients. . Click the video or here to...

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    Recovery Day to bring awareness, support and hope

    Tara Edeh from the Ontario Addiction Treatment Centres and founder of Recovery Day, Annie McCullough shed light on Recovery Day dedicated to help out people coming out of any kind of addictions. – video courtesy of BT Breakfast Television. . Click here to view...

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    Toronto police issue safety alert after four suspected fentanyl deaths

      Toronto police say there have been four deaths due to fentanyl and 20 incidents of fentanyl overdose since Thursday [within three days]. “Toronto police have issued a public safety alert after four deaths likely caused by fentanyl overdose in the past three days in downtown Toronto. Police said there have been four fatalities and 20 overdose incidents since Thursday. The most recent incident was on Saturday when a woman was found dead in a stairwell near Queen St....

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