Sublocade® for Opioid Addiction

There are several treatment programs and medications available to treat opioid use disorder (OUD). At Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres, we create individualized treatment plans to help our patients with their recovery journey. Sublocade® is one medication available in our CATC centres. Learn more about this treatment option, and how it could help you today. 

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What Is Sublocade®? 

Sublocade is one medication available for treating opioid addiction. It is an injectable form of buprenorphine. The injection is subcutaneous, or under the skin. The medication gradually releases the drug for 28 days. This process effectively manages opioid withdrawal symptoms and reduces cravings over the long term. 

Sublocade should be used as part of a complete treatment plan that includes counseling and other care services. 

How Does Sublocade® Work? 

Sublocade is a form of buprenorphine. Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist prescribed to treat opioid use disorder for almost two decades. As a partial opioid agonist, this medication blocks the effects of other opioids, including prescription pills and street drugs. Buprenorphine attaches to receptors in the brain, reducing cravings and relieving withdrawal symptoms without providing the euphoric high associated with other opioids. Buprenorphine’s ceiling effect puts a limit on its strength, making it a safe option and decreasing the risk of overdose. 

While buprenorphine is commonly taken orally, Sublocade provides buprenorphine through an injection administered by a medical professional once a month. Sublocade’s long-acting properties can benefit patients who otherwise have difficulty accessing or taking a daily medication. 

Sublocade® Treatment in Canada

CATC currently only offers Sublocade® in select treatment centres. Please contact us for more information. At CATC, we offer a range of comprehensive treatment plans for people struggling with opioid addiction. If you or a loved one are ready to get help, learn more about Sublocade® and our other treatment options today. Reach out to us online via our form below or call our CARE team at 1-877-937-2282 to get started.

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