GreeneStone’s New Family Strength Intensive Program

GreeneStone Centre for Recovery, one of CATC’s four best-in-class inpatient addiction treatment centres in Ontario, is piloting an innovative Family Strength Intensive program! This new and specialized program is uniquely designed to provide support and guidance for family members with loved ones in recovery. Supporting someone through recovery is hard. We’re here to help. When […]

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International Overdose Awareness Day 2023

On International Overdose Awareness Day 2023, we join communities, friends and loved ones of people who use drugs across Canada in remembering without stigma the lives lost to opioid overdose. This year’s campaign theme is “Recognizing those people who go unseen”, and we’re extending a heartfelt thank you to first responders, healthcare workers, and our […]

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1000 Islands Addiction Treatment Centre awarded gold standard for excellence in client care

For immediate release Aug 15, Toronto ON—1000 Islands Addiction Treatment Centre, under new management by Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres (CATC), has been awarded CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) Accreditation—the industry-leading quality standard for excellence in recovery programs. CATC is Canada’s largest provider of evidence-based addiction recovery programs, serving nearly 15,000 people every month […]

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Hep C isn’t Waiting, Neither are We

World Hepatitis Day, an initiative of the World Hep Alliance, takes place annually on July 28th to raise awareness of the global burden of the hepatitis virus and to inspire action.  It is estimated that 354 million people worldwide currently live with hepatitis B or C, variants that most often cause deadly liver disease. This […]

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PAG Interviews: Dr. Lisa Graves

“In all of my patient care I practice using the patient-centred clinical method.  This approach views each person as unique and applies a holistic context based care.” 1. What drove you to specialize in addiction medicine? How did you get started in the field?   Although I have a CAC in addictions medicine, I continue to […]

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How Does Hepatitis C Affect Your Body?

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with Hepatitis C (HCV)?   HCV infections are primarily spread through contact with infected blood, but can also be transmitted sexually, from mother to child during pregnancy, or even while getting a body piercing.   Hep C attacks the liver most severely, but can also have an impact […]

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