Working at CATC

Employee Testimonials

“Working for CATC is rewarding; it is fulfilling to see the difference that we make in a patient’s recovery and overall health. While consulting with a patient, our Pharmacist was able to identify that the patient was having a medical emergency, the patient was seen in the hospital and was diagnosed and treated before the condition became more serious. I look forward to going to work every day knowing that I help aid in the wellness and recovery process of many people.”

– Pharmacy Assistant

“When I started as a Clinic Support Staff in 2014, I could not have imagined the impact it would have on my life. At first, it was about gaining a deeper understanding of substance dependence and the people whose lives are affected in so many ways. Over time I have had many opportunities to learn and grow as my role expanded. With support and mentorship, I have created a meaningful career that allows me to serve a marginalized population. I know that what I do every day has a powerful and positive impact in the lives of folks who deserve good care delivered with kindness and empathy.”

– Patient Experience Coordinator

“At the age of 19, I was studying psychology at my local University. I remember being timid, awkward, and hesitant to share my ideas with my classmates. Over the summer, I worked for CATC and quickly fell in love with mental health and addiction recovery. Working as a Support Staff member has changed my life. I have learned far more lessons from the patients than a textbook could have taught me. I’ve gotten to see the patients experience – the highs and lows (heartbreak, marriages, children, recovery, and everything in between). Every day at work is a new and exciting experience. For 5 years now, I have worked with some of the most amazing Support Staff, Nurses Doctors and Specialists, in over 7 clinics and met over 1,000 patients. Growing and working with CATC, I am now more confident and consider myself an advocate for those impacted by mental health and addictions.”

– Support Staff

“Working with CATC has been eye-opening. Our goal is to provide a friendly, empathetic, and judgment-free environment where our patients feel comfortable and able to speak about anything that they may need help with. Each day brings a different challenge; we keep a positive attitude throughout every shift for our patients who may be having a bad day because great things take time. Our patients trust us and seeing the impact that we have made in their lives is the most rewarding part of this job. The struggle with addiction isn’t easy – the road to recovery is about progression and not perfection!”

– Pharmacy Assistant

“Working with CATC, is not just about dispensing medications. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to better our community every day. We focus on patient centric care without any judgment or stigma – this brings pride and joy to our patients’ faces and our own. I feel that working at CATC is connecting yourself with your community which needs more love, care, and positivity. It is most satisfying to see that your patient care and our treatment program has changed the patient’s life and brought out the best in them. It is like a tree, you pour love, care, and compassion and it grows and rewards us with fruits over time. The hope and positivity that this place brings is what I love the most.”

– Designated Pharmacy Manager

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