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Our team of doctors, nurses, and support staff work together to provide comprehensive addiction care to our patients, including physician appointments, diagnostic testing (bloodwork, ECGs, Urine Drug Screens), and harm reduction services (Needle Exchange, Naloxone Kits). What makes our clinics different is our high-touch, patient-focused programming. We get to know our patients and build relationships with them. In early recovery, we see our patients daily to check in with their progress and as they become more stable, we connect once a week. Everyone on the team is responsible for making sure our patients are doing well and meeting their recovery goals. When patients need us, we are there – 365 days a year. Our CARE model is guided by the advice and support of our Patient Advisory Council, making certain that what we do is making a difference for our patients.

Open Positions

Clinic Nurse

The Clinic Nurse leads the delivery of clinical programming, interacting with and understanding the needs of patients while administering medications that are delegated to them by a licensed Physician. For full job details, click on an open Clinic Nurse position below.

  1. Port Hope & Cobourg, ON – Part-Time Permanent, Nurse (1226)
  2. Ottawa Somerset. ON – Full-Time Permanent – Float Nurse (1322)
  3. Ontario Wide – Full-Time Permanent – Float Nurse (1343)
  4. Thunder Bay Westfort – Casual (Scheduled) Permanent – Nurse (1349)
  5. Bracebridge ON – Part-Time Permanent – Nurse (1366)
  6. Alliston ON – Full-Time Permanent – Nurse (1369)
  7. Barrie, ON – Full-Time Permanent – Float Nurse (1375)
  8. Pic Mobert, ON – Casual (Unscheduled) Temporary – Nurse (1389)
  9. Kirkland Lake, ON – Part-Time Temporary – Nurse (1390)
  10. Thunder Bay Red River, ON – Casual (Scheduled) – Nurse (1391)
  11. Thunder Bay South, ON – Full-Time Temporary – Nurse (1416)
  12. Thunder Bay, ON – Full-Time Temporary – Float Nurse (1417)
  13. OATC North Bay, ON – Full-Time Temporary – Nurse (1432)
  14. OATC Bancroft, ON – Casual (Scheduled) Permanent – Nurse (1435)
  15. OATC Constance Lake and Hearst, ON – Full-Time Permanent- Nurse (1437)
  16. OATC Dryden, ON – Casual (Scheduled) Permanent – Nurse (1442)
  17. OATC London, ON – Casual (Scheduled) Permanent – Nurse (1455)
  18. OATC Huntsville, ON – Part-Time Permanent – Nurse (1460)
  19. OATC Dryden, ON – Full-Time Temporary – Float Nurse (1462)
  20. OATC Alliston, ON – Full-Time Permanent – Float Nurse (1463)
  21. OATC Renfrew & Pembroke, ON – Full-Time Permanent – Float Nurse (1467)
  22. OATC Niagara Falls, ON – Full-Time Temporary – Float Nurse (1468)

Support Staff 

Our Support Staff is the first point of contact for patients, offering support, encouragement, and guidance on good days and bad ones. Our Support Staff is a dynamic individual that helps our clinics operate seamlessly, collaborating with patients and our CARE TEAM to coordinate care delivery. For full job details, click on an open Support Staff position below.

  1. Parry Sound, ON – Part-Time Permanent (1378)
  2. Longlac, ON – Full-Time Temporary (1382)
  3. Pic Mobert, ON – Casual (Unscheduled) Temporary (1390)
  4. St. Catharines, ON – Part-Time Permanent (1392)
  5. Hamilton, ON – Part-Time Temporary (1428)
  6. Bracebridge, ON – Casual (Scheduled) Permanent (1430)
  7. Huntsville, ON – Casual (Scheduled) Permanent (1431)
  8. Bancroft, ON – Casual (Scheduled) Permanent (1434)
  9. Constance Lake/Hearst, ON – Part-Time Temporary (1438)
  10. OATC Fort Frances ON – Casual (Unscheduled) Permanent (1457)
  11. CHC Picton, ON – Part-Time Permanent (1464)
  12. Tri-Clinic Grand River, ON – Full-Time Permanent (1465)
  13. OATC Niagara Falls, ON – Part-Time Permanent (1470)

Medical Office Assistant

The Medical Office Assistant provides general support to the clinic. The ideal candidate is someone who has an understanding of addiction and co-occurring disorders and is comfortable in dealing with people in cases where they may need to help de-escalate and stabilize patients. A professional demeanor and the ability to communicate effectively with residents, family members, referents, and co-workers are required.  For full job details, click on an open Medical Office Assistant position below.

  1. Surrey, BC – Full-Time Permanent (1211)
  2. Chilliwack, BC – Part-Time Permanent (1212)

Drug and Alcohol Counsellor/Case Manager
The Drug and Alcohol Counsellor/ Case Manager  is responsible to conduct intake assessments, attend to walk-in patients, and provide interventions to patient emergencies. For full job details, click on an open Counsellor position below.

  1. Surrey, BC – Part-Time Permanent (1213)

Send your resumé to if you are interested in joining our CARE team.

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