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How Pharmacists are Becoming the First Line of Defence Against Opioid Overdoses

“I have had patients I’ve trained who’ve used kits to save people’s lives in the community.”

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Key Facts About the Opioid Addiction

The media attention across North America is shining a light on the epidemic that some are saying is worse than any we have seen in past 30 years.

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Ways to Transmit Hepatitis C

Many people are unclear on how Hepatitis C is transmitted. Hepatitis C is able to be transmitted through indirect sources.

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A Highly Successful Treatment for Opioid Addiction. But Stigma is Holding it Back.

“Medication-assisted treatment is often called the gold standard of addiction care…”

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‘I Surrender. Just Please Help Me.’

A son’s moving note to his parents underlines the pain of addiction.

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It’s Time to Retire the Word ‘Addict’

Over 200 overdose prevention activists staged a protest.

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