Key Facts About the Opioid Addiction

Key Facts About the Opioid Addiction

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Facts About Opioids & Opioid Addiction

The media attention across North America is shining a light on the epidemic that some are saying is worse than any we have seen in past 30 years. The country’s opioid addiction epidemic is fueled by prescription addiction, synthetic drugs, and the extremely addictive heroin drug. We need to arm ourselves with information to fight against this issue. Here are some key facts about opioids and opioid addiction you should know:

  • Synthetic fentanyl, not prescription, may have a higher potency than normal fentanyl. It is sometimes pressed into fake pills such as OxyContin or Xanax but can also be found mixed into other street drugs like heroin. Most people are unaware that they are consuming fentanyl when it is laced with other drugs. According to a police report on fentanyl, bootleg fentanyl is about 40 times more potent than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine. The number of prescriptions written for opioids also quadrupled between 1999-2010.
  • Opioids are intended to treat pain. They can create a feeling of euphoria, which may lead to the potential of them to be used improperly. Opioids can be prescribed as the following medications:
    1. Codeine
    2. Fentanyl
    3. Morphine
    4. Oxycodone
    5. Hydromorphone
    6. Medical heroin
  • There are many long-term effects of using opioids which may include:
    1. Increased tolerance to the drug
    2. Substance use disorder or addiction
    3. Liver damage
  • A national advisory committee on the opioid epidemic said there were at least 2,458 apparent opioid-related deaths in Canada in 2016, representing an average of almost seven a day or 8.8 fatalities for every 100,000 people in the country.
  • Fentanyl, a super-potent synthetic opioid, is deadly, versatile, and profitable. It’s easier and cheaper to produce than heroin, which is derived from poppy plants. With fentanyl, there are no crops, just chemicals.

As a society, we are facing a significant epidemic that requires our full effort. The government, law enforcement, and the medical profession need to work together to fight against this serious issue facing our society. If you need help with an addiction, please do not hesitate to find a location near you to help you on your road to recovery.