Testimonials of our Centres

“This program saved my life and it makes me a better person with every day it get up; I thank this program from the bottom of my heart; I would refer any person to come and at least try it.”

Client from Vanier

“Amazing staff, very welcoming, understanding, and empathetic. They adjust accordingly to any changes in my care that is required. By far the best medical addiction staff that I have had the pleasure to be treated by. Thank you!”

Client from Toronto

“I would not be alive and living as a good person if it wasn’t for this place. I am very grateful.”

Client from Change Health Care

“This team/staff have been more than helpful. They have helped me with removing the shamefulness of entering this treatment. It’s never easy to admit you have an addiction problem, and they made me feel normal. Thank you so much to the OATC staff.”

Client from Huntsville

“The staff here is extremely supportive and friendly. Couldn’t ask for better service and compassion.”

Client from Windsor

“Clinic Staff are the nicest, most efficient and caring I have ever encountered.”

Client from Pembroke

“I’ve been dealing with Aylmer St. Pharmacy for a few years. Very excellent people and help… from all the workers.  Very friendly workers. Thanks for caring for me and all the customers.”

Client from Peterborough

“They say that “time heals all wounds” but what most fail to realize is that you need a spectacular group of special individuals, who are caring, friendly and nurturing, as well, to help and guide you, supporting your each and every step, supporting your recovery, at YOUR PACE……  I couldn’t have successfully gotten off the fentanyl, opioids, and painkillers, without the great loving care ALL OF YOU have provided to me, to give me the positive drive and push to get as clean as I’m becoming, making me feel more happiness and a noticeably higher level of self-worth and confidence.”

Client from Windsor

“I took a chance with the methadone program over a decade ago.  I can honestly say taking that step through the door has truly allowed me to get my life back.  It made me a responsible member of society.  It made me be able to have a great job and I got my kids back home where they belonged after many failed attempts to get sober.  I can honestly say joining the methadone program finally gave me my fresh start.  I will always be grateful they brought an OATC clinic to my small town of Pembroke.”

Terrilyn from Pembroke

“At the age of 40, I found myself divorced and addicted. With the help of doctors, nurses and staff at CATC, I got my life back.”

Scott from Ontario

“I am writing about my experience with Park Ave pharmacy.  I recommend the pharmacy and give it 5 stars.  I have dealt with lots of other pharmacies and have never felt comfortable and whenever I had questions I felt like I was an inconvenience, but with this pharmacy, I’ve had all excellent experiences with all the staff especially Jessica and especially Shawna who has gone above and beyond to help me find answers and has always returned calls and or emails fast.  I’ve had many issues with health issues and or concerns about methadone and I’ve always got excellent help and advice.  I feel they all treat their customers as if they are family and not once have I had a bad experience nor felt uncomfortable speaking to anyone there.  I like how not only can I get my methadone there but all of mine and my family’s prescriptions.”

Anita from Kitchener

“I have been an SSF COMBAT SOLDIER for the Royal Canadian Dragoons, “ARMOUR CORP”, Miner and a Mover, and I can tell you that this has been the hardest journey my life. If I didn’t have the support, understanding, and compassion that I received from each and every one of the staff members at the OATC Hamilton, I really don’t think I could have done it without them. I like to believe in the time I have been coming here, we have become much closer, even friends. A huge part of that is because they really do care! It’s so nice to be greeted with a warm smile and a kind word, especially when you’re on such a difficult path and you’re feeling down on yourself. They are much more than just professionals, they are compassionate. I simply can not say enough about them! They are amazing, they are the epitome of what they do. I have been shown nothing but kindness, support, and assistance in every way possible. No matter what brought you here, this is a good safe place, somewhere that you might be able to take some of the steps you could be ready for. There’s zero judgment, only tolerance, kindness, and most of all…  RESPECT.


Client from Ontario

man walking along beach

“Addiction is my affliction

That needs to be understood

I’d shout it from a rooftop

If I thought it would do some good

I got to know it slowly

When I found I couldn’t stop

Nothing was below me

Junk my only prop

It brought me to my knees

Staring at cracked ceilings

No one hears my pleas

Slip after slip I get up after falls

My addiction waiting patiently

I feel its sirens call

That call I do not answer

I know it wants all of me

Now I’m in my sixties

Finally found the keys

Hard work and methadone

Have truly set me free.”

A special poem written by a patient


back of poem posterpoem posterA Nurses Prayer

“Let me dedicate my life today

To the care of those

Who come my way

With a healing hand and the gentle art

For which I stand

And then tonight when day is done

O’ let me rest

If I help just one.


To the beautiful ladies at OATC: Words can not express the eternal gratitude I have for each of you. Your compassion/gentle hearts have helped me more than you will ever know. The constant support without judgement has helped me so much in my recovery journey. Without the genuine devotion you selflessly had for my wellbeing, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Thank you to Neverland and back for always being there for me. I will never forget you all. You all gave me hope, strength, faith, compassion, courage, love, and guidance to be the best version of myself and a better quality of and a beautiful life without drugs. For that, I can’t thank you enough. You all will always hold a special place in my heart throughout my recovery journey.”



A special poem written by a patient