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Open Positions

Our Pharmacy Network

Our pharmacy team care for our patients daily, ensuring they are doing well along their recovery journey. In addition to supporting our Methadone and Buprenorphine/Naloxone treatment programs, our pharmacies offer a comprehensive range of services including prescribing medications to help with basic primary care challenges (i.e. UTIs, common colds, infections, and other minor conditions), filling general medication prescriptions, and providing naloxone kit training, immunizations, medication reviews, and smoking cessation counselling. What makes our pharmacies different from others is that we work closely with the clinical team to provide wrap-around services that keep our patients engaged in their recovery.

Open Positions

Pharmacy Assistant

Our Pharmacy Assistants are responsible for assisting the pharmacist in the preparation of medications and supporting the delivery of compassionate care to our patients. Working within a busy pharmacy or clinical environment, our PAs have excellent communication and time-management skills. For full job details, click on an open Pharmacy Assistant position below.

  1. CATP North York, Part-Time Permanent (468)
  2. CATP Cameron Street, Full-Time Permanent (473)
  3. CATP Oshawa, Part-Time Permanent (476)
  4. CATP Sault Ste. Marie, Part-Time Permanent (478)
  5. CATP North York, Part-Time Temporary (479)
  6. TRC Hamilton, Full-Time Temporary (477)


The Pharmacist will be following direction from the Designated Manager and is responsible for delivering a comprehensive pharmacy experience to our patients. We are seeking candidates who are compassionate, caring, and understanding of the challenges our patients and their families face. For full job details, click on an open Pharmacist position below.

  1. CATP Peterborough, ON – Part-Time Permanent (466)

Pharmacy Manager

The Pharmacy Manager (PM) provides leadership to a team of pharmacy professionals including but not limited to Pharmacists, Registered Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacy Assistants.  The PM is accountable for the operational success of their pharmacy and its impact on CATC’s clinic and pharmacy network.

  1. CATP Sault St. Marie, ON – Full-Time Permanent (2061)

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