Why People Choose Us

When someone walks through the doors at any of our locations, they’re trusting us with their health and, in many cases, their lives. We honour that trust by taking a person-centred approach to everything we do, whether that person is picking up a prescription or checking in for 2 months on-site rehabilitation.

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Accredited for Excellence

Our centres adhere to the highest possible standard of care, and are accredited by both Accreditation Canada and CARF International.

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Rapid & Barrier-free Access

  • Our outpatient opioid use disorder treatment centres offer same-day program starts, without an appointment.

Virtual Care

  • We use technology to connect our patients with the help they need, and offer a 100% virtual treatment program that can be accessed anywhere, any time.

Compassionate and Welcoming

  • Our care teams are committed to creating a judgement-free, friendly and respectful environment for all

Safe and Inclusive

  • We offer culturally-appropriate and inclusive programs for people from all walks of life, including working with local Indigenous communities to create capacity for recovery services grounded in their culture and beliefs.

Holistic Approach

  • Our programs treat the whole person, not just the addiction, meeting their complete needs with supports that ensure the best possible chance of recovery.


  • Our clinical teams are experts in their field, and use best-in-class medically-proven treatments and therapeutic approaches to set people up for success in reaching their goals

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