Understanding What Methadone Is and How It Works

As a class of drugs, opioids include hydrocodone, oxycodone, fentanyl, heroin and morphine. All opioids are chemically similar, interacting with the nerve cells’ opioid receptors throughout the body and brain. Generally, opioid pain relievers can be safe when taken for an appropriate amount of time with a doctor’s prescription and supervision, but they can lead […]

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Opioid Epidemic in Canada

The opioid crisis has been a serious problem in Canada for many years. Individuals continue to misuse opioids, leading to a reduced quality of life, accidental overdoses and even death. Everyone wants to see their loved ones who suffer from opioid addiction overcome their struggle, and many of those struggling themselves are seeking recovery. It’s […]

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Why is Canada’s Needle Exchange Program Important

Injection drug misuse has been an ongoing crisis in Canada for decades. To mitigate some of the risks and provide users with safer alternatives, Needle Exchange Programs (NEPs) have been implemented across the country. NEPs, which are a harm reduction measure, are confidential and free. These programs provide high-risk users with sterile supplies, which helps […]

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We Welcome New Patients

We remain open and have physicians available 7 days per week. We encourage you to call our toll free # at 1-877-937-2282or email us at to get started. Our CARE Coordinator is available to assist you in getting

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CATC Clinic Hours of Operation

Due to COVID-19, CATC and affiliate clinics have made some adjustments to operating hours. This master list of clinics, retains the most current set of opening hours. Click here to view the list for the clinic nearest you. If you are unsure […]

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#CATCSpirit: Let’s DO US

CATC provides exceptional addiction care to 16,000 patients across Canada every month. During the COVID outbreak, we are committed to keeping our staff, our patients, and our communities healthy and safe. This means we are […]

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