How has Covid-19 Impacted Opioid Addiction in Ontario? 

COVID-19 created many challenges, particularly due to ongoing isolation, and the collective traumatic impact of a global pandemic. The use of all substances increased during the pandemic, and rates of opioid overdoses hit an all-time high.    Since March of 2020, the rate of opioid overdoses in Ontario, Canada, has increased by 57%. Additionally, opioid fatalities […]

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Keeping our patients safe, one dose at a time

September 17th is World Patient Safety Day: established by the World Health Organization to call for global action to improve patient safety. This year’s theme is Medication Safety: something we take extremely seriously. Medication is an important part of treatment for substance use disorder and opioid addiction, and ensuring it’s taken safely every time is […]

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Signs of an Opioid Overdose and What to Do When It Happens

Opioids — which include drugs like heroin, fentanyl, codeine, morphine, hydromorphone, oxycodone, methadone and buprenorphine — are sometimes prescribed to treat and manage pain. However, these drugs can also be dangerous when misused.  In Canada, opioid overdoses and deaths are an ongoing crisis, with the number of hospitalizations and deaths steadily rising. Between 2016 and […]

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Understanding What Methadone Is and How It Works

As a class of drugs, opioids include hydrocodone, oxycodone, fentanyl, heroin and morphine. All opioids are chemically similar, interacting with the nerve cells’ opioid receptors throughout the body and brain. Generally, opioid pain relievers can be safe when taken for an appropriate amount of time with a doctor’s prescription and supervision, but they can lead […]

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Opioid Epidemic in Canada

The opioid crisis has been a serious problem in Canada for many years. Individuals continue to misuse opioids, leading to a reduced quality of life, accidental overdoses and even death. Everyone wants to see their loved ones who suffer from opioid addiction overcome their struggle, and many of those struggling themselves are seeking recovery. It’s […]

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