PAM 2024 Interview with Wyatt Clarke

PAM 2024 Interview with Wyatt Clarke

PAM 2024 interview with Wyatt Clarke

During Pharmacy Appreciation Month, we spoke with Wyatt Clarke, General Manager at White Cedar Pharmacy, to hear his perspective on how CATC’s integrated pharmacy services help support our patients on their recovery journey.

1. What motivated you to work in specialized pharmacy services for addiction treatment?

When I started this job over 10 years ago, I figured I would be here for six months to maybe a year. During this time I have seen first hand what addiction is and the fight people are up against to reclaim their lives. I feel that my contributions make a difference. Being here shows people that we care about their struggle and we never give up on them, so hopefully they do the same.   

2. What’s the best part of your job?

No two days are the same, I sometimes see people at their worst but more importantly I see them at their best. Never knowing what tomorrow is going to bring keeps me excited to be doing this job. 

3. Why are integrated pharmacy services so important for patients with opioid use disorder?

Physicians and Pharmacy work collaboratively to provide the best care centred around patients. A care plan is put forth and together the patient is required to follow the guidance and treatment plan to assist with their success / goal of becoming opioid free. The approach also focuses on providing additional community support that’s available to assist the patient with their recovery journey.

4. What makes our patients unique, and how do you meet their needs in your daily work?

Remembering that each individual has a history unbeknownst to us, so approach each situation with non-judgemental interpretations. What this means to me is treating each individual like a “person” rather then a “sickness”. Taking time to “listen” and understand their perspectives is key. Trying to offer all available support options to someone that may refuse the help today, but could welcome it tomorrow. 

5. If you had one message for people considering starting treatment for opioid use disorder, what would it be?

Addiction doesn’t happen over night, so neither is recovery. Starting a treatment program is the first step towards taking back your life and control. This will be the BEST, hardest thing you will ever face, but you can do it!

Thank you, Wyatt, for sharing with us your passion for patient care, and words of encouragement for those struggling with opioid use disorder.

We hope you have a fantastic Pharmacy Appreciation Month!