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OATC, Sudbury

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450 Notre Dame Ave, Sudbury, ON P3C 5K8, Canada

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Our Services at This Location

Methadone treatment icon

Methadone Treatment

Methadone is an opioid agonist blocker and helps to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms when administered therapeutically by a medical professional. The dose is ingested, typically in liquid form, and is tapered off in accordance with cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
Suboxone treatment icon

Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone is a combination of the opioid agonist blocker Buprenorphine, and the overdose medication Naloxone. The medication is dissolved under the tongue and is a very safe option due to its limited effect.
Sublocade treatment icon

Sublocade Treatment

Sublocade is an injectable form of Buprenorphine that releases slowly over a 30 day period. This treatment is ideal for patients that struggle to access daily medication, and should only be administered by a medical professional.
Kadian treatment icon

Kadian Treatment

A newer treatment meant for severe opioid addictions. Kadian is a form of oral morphine that releases slowly over an extended period of time, acting as a full opioid agonist blocker.
Hep C screening icon

Hepatitis C Screening + Treatment

Because Hep C is a common liver disease among people who inject drugs, we routinely screen our patients and provide additional support for patients who test positive.
Doctors' services icon

Doctors’ Services

Our doctors work with each patient to determine the treatment plan and medication that works best for their needs.
Pharmacy services icon

Pharmacy Services

We provide our patients reliable access to medication through our interconnected pharmacy network, many of which are co-located with our treatment clinics.
Safe use supplies icon

Safe Use Supplies

Sterile equipment and educational resources are provided for patients. This reduces drug related harm and infections while connecting people to health and social services.
Care referrals icon

Care Referrals

When patients need additional support, we help connect them with the appropriate community resources.
Naloxone kit icon

Naloxone Kits

In the event of an opioid overdose, Naloxone can help someone survive long enough for emergency medical professionals to arrive. Pick up a free kit at our clinic today.
"My spouse is a patient here, I am not. The medical staff here are still welcoming and kind towards me, so much so that i feel as if I was a patient there myself. I feel comfortable with my spouse going here and confident they have her best interests in mind and help her achieve her goals in a supportive kind manner."
OATC Sudbury Patient
"I am a new patient here. The staff are extremely kind and friendly they got me in fast and efficiently. The whole place is well organized, clean, and welcoming. I would give 6 stars if I could."
OATC Sudbury Patient
"They have very friendly and caring staff!!! Naturally, people that are addicts (like myself (but in recovery) would have negative comments because they are still active addicts that aren't getting what they want. If you are there to help yourself, whether it be for addiction or pain management so you don't go back to abusing drugs....they are very supportive and caring. They will work with you and do their best to accommodate you and help you!!! I am very satisfied and grateful for the care and the support and am receiving from this Clinic!!!"
OATC Sudbury Patient
"If you have chronic pain or an opiate addiction this O.A.T.C Clinic is second to none. The staff counsellors and doctors are the best in their field. The compassion and bed side manner seems to be infectious here. I live 88 kilometers away and go to this clinic by choice because of the people there. There is a clinic in the town I live in and one 33 kilometers away the other way. I don't know how the staff and medical professionals at the other locations so I can't give my opinion. But Sudbury is hands down the best."
OATC Sudbury Patient
"This clinic is a very great safe respectful environment to go to for help to beat your battle against drug addiction!!!!"
OATC Sudbury Patient

Recovery is Possible

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CATC accept new patients? Are walk-ins welcome?

Yes we are accepting new patients. Walk-ins are welcome, no appointment needed. 

Is there ever a waitlist for treatment?

No, we offer same-day start for new patients.

What does treatment cost? Are there any free options?

Provincial health plans will often cover the full cost of treatment, with a few exceptions for certain medications or counselling services. We’ll help you determine the best coverage options.

Are treatments covered by provincial health insurance (OHIP, MSP, NBM)?

Yes. Our teams will work with you to help determine the best plan to cover treatment costs.

Are you open on Statutory Holidays?

We are open on statutory holidays with adjusted hours. Please check with your local clinic.

Can I get my prescription faxed/transferred here?

Yes. Our pharmacists can help you transfer your current prescriptions. Please call our intake line, 1-877-937-2282, or call your local CATC clinic directly.

Do you offer detox from drugs and alcohol?

Medically assisted detoxification is only offered at our best-in-class Inpatient Recovery Centres in Ontario.

Do you help with alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction treatment programs are offered at our Inpatient Recovery Centres, but not at our walk-in clinics.

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