Congratulations on Danielle McCarron’s 2022WOI Difference Maker Award!

Congratulations on Danielle McCarron’s 2022WOI Difference Maker Award!

Congratulations Danielle McCarron

Presented by the Universal Womens Network, Danielle McCarron has been recognized with the Difference Maker Award for her extraordinary commitment to helping others and for making an impact while leading with purpose.

As Vice President of Inpatient and Virtual programs at CATC, Danielle oversees the continuous improvement and development of intensive inpatient and virtual treatment for addictions in Ontario. Danielle has developed tailored programs for Indigenous people, youth and military personnel, which further our ability to deliver culturally sensitive, trauma-informed treatment as part of Canada’s largest care network for substance use disorder and addiction.

“To be recognized as a Woman of Inspiration has motivated me to continue along the sometimes-difficult path of carving new pathways for women. The magnetic experience of being amongst such powerful and humble women reminded me of the importance of the work we do, and that by showing up for ourselves or others we are changing the world. I feel rejuvenated, excited, and extremely grateful.”

Danielle’s personal journey with addiction and recovery informs her work, resulting in a strong focus on the spiritual and psychological aspects of healing alongside physical treatment. Her passion for treating the whole person and not just the addiction inspires our teams to deliver exceptional care, and sets our inpatient centres apart from others. 

Outside of her role at CATC, Danielle is a best-selling author, therapist and holistic recovery coach, and is passionate about helping people rediscover their authentic selves. She currently holds MBA and MSc degrees and is pursuing a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine at Saybrook University. To learn more about Danielle and her book, and to find helpful resources on self care, visit her website.

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