COVID-19 FAQs at CATC – October 2020

COVID-19 FAQs at CATC – October 2020

.FAQs at CATC during Covid-19

Covid-19 Information

During the COVID resurgence, CATC is committed to keeping our staff, patients, and communities healthy and safe. We are following or have implemented all Public Health Guidelines set forth for health care professionals. This means we are NOT closing our doors, in fact we are stepping up to the challenge, minimizing the negative impacts of the opioid epidemic and the COVID outbreak on those who need our CARE the most.

Our physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and staff are AWESOME. They are working hard every day, demonstrating unwavering optimism and compassion at a time of uncertainty and concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your clinics open?
A: Yes, all CATC affiliated clinics remain open.

Q: Do I have to come to a clinic to receive treatment?
A: Yes, unless you have been identified as COVID+ or identified by public health as high risk, it is very unlikely that your typical treatment plan or process will change.

Q: What about my ‘carries’? Do I need to leave a urine test?
A: Yes, regular clinic procedures are still in place. We are following the CPSO guidelines for urine samples and appointments, and taking every precaution necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Q: What have you done about COVID-19 in your clinic?
A: We have re-organized the waiting rooms and treatment rooms to facilitate social distancing. We continue to streamline patient flow to prioritize the minimum time spent in the waiting area. There is hand sanitizer available throughout the facilities. We have a separate room where any patients experiencing symptoms can receive care. Staff will not be working in-person if they have any symptoms.

Q: What should I do if I am sick?
A: Please call before coming in, so that we can advise you on what to do. Patients displaying or disclosing symptoms to staff are given a mask, proper hand hygiene is followed by both staff and patients, and should a patient need to see their doctor, they are asked to wait in a separate room. In some cases, we will alter your care to help minimize the spread of infection.

Q: What if the CATC staff and doctors get sick?
A: We have created ways for the doctors to help you virtually or by phone should it be necessary.  We have put several measures in place to keep our teams healthy and we have plans in place to keep our patients cared for.  Your doctor may continue to provide virtual visits during the re-opening phase.  We are confident all the measures we have been using are working well to keep all staff, doctors, and patients safe and healthy.

Q: I’m really worried and I don’t know what to do.
A: Call us at 1-877-937-2282. Our CARE Coordinators are standing by to help you navigate this challenging time and find the treatment, support, and resources you may need.


Important Numbers During this Time

Telehealth – 1-866-797-0000
Drugs and Alcohol Helpline1-866-531-2600

Public Health & Crisis Line – Each region has its own line, ask your front-line staff for the direct number.