GreeneStone’s New Mental Health and Wellness Support Program

GreeneStone’s New Mental Health and Wellness Support Program

General Mental Health program banner

GreeneStone Centre for Recovery – one of our inpatient treatment centres in Ontario – is now offering general mental health and wellness programming alongside their specialized addiction recovery programs!

Most people struggle with their mental health at some point in their lives, regardless of whether they’ve experienced addiction. In response to growing demand, you can now reach out to GreeneStone for help with your mental health, even if you don’t struggle with substance use disorder.

The expert care teams at GreeneStone help uncover and address underlying factors contributing to mental health challenges. Your physical health is supported by a full suite of amenities including a gym, pool, hiking trails and nutritious meals. You’ll also form bonds with peers, helping you keep on track with your goals even after your stay.

Visit GreeneStone’s website to learn more about their mental health program, featuring:

· Beautiful accommodations

· Personalized mental health care plan

· Psychiatrist support

· Group and 1-on-1 therapy

· Skill building workshops

· Learning sessions

· Ongoing support from your peers and our experts

· Warm and friendly staff

· Delicious meals

· Fully-equipped gym and pool

Care for your family’s mental health, too.

Family members often need a little extra help with their own mental health, so they can be there for loved ones when they’re needed most. GreeneStone provides support for your family during your stay, so you can work on getting better, together.

You can get better. We can help.

Taking the first step to getting help for your mental health is often the hardest part. Rest assured that, from the first call with their friendly team of counsellors, you’ll be well taken care of. GreeneStone is here for you whenever you’re ready!

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