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    Frequently Asked Questions at CATC during COVID-19

    Q: Are you open?
    A: Yes, all CATC clinics and pharmacies remain open as we offer essential medical care.

    Q: Do I have to come to clinic to be cared for?
    A: That depends on several factors. In some situations, you may be offered a phone appointment with our doctors to help create care plan for you during this time. We are doing our best to limit the amount of time our patients spend in our clinics and pharmacies during this period of uncertainty.

    • If you have cold/flu symptoms or have recently travelled, please call your clinic/doctor before coming in and we will go from there.
    • If you do not have any symptoms and have not travelled recently, then please feel free to come see us for your usual appointment and medication pick up.

    Q: What about my ‘carries’? Do I still need to do a urine test?
    A: This is a decision that needs to be made between a patient and their physician. Your physician will take the time to evaluate your personal situation and where you are in your recovery.  They will consider the risk to you and the community at large.

    Q: What have you done about COVID-19 in your clinic?
    A: We have taken many measures starting back 3 weeks ago.  We have increased our focus on cleaning and hand washing, provided masks for patients that have any symptoms, and reorganized our waiting rooms to facilitate social distancing and isolation for symptomatic patients. We are streamlining patient flow to minimize the number of patients in a clinic and to reduce the time spent in the clinic/pharmacy.

    Q: What if I am sick?
    A: Please call before coming in. We will advise you on what to do. If you need to see your doctor, you will be given a mask, and asked to follow proper hand hygiene, and kept in a separate room from other patients.

    Q: What if the CATC staff and doctors get sick?
    A: We are monitoring the health and wellbeing of our physicians and staff. All staff are mandated to stay at home if they are unwell.   We hired increased backup staff to ensure you still have access to care if you need it.

    Q: I’m really worried and I don’t know what to do?
    A: Call your clinic and your CARE team can help you


    Important Numbers During this Time:

    Telehealth – 1-866-797-0000

    Drugs and Alcohol Helpline1-866-531-2600

    Public Health & Crisis Line – Each region has their own line, ask your front-line staff for the direct number.

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