Nursing Week 2024: Interview with Elizabeth Krpan

Nursing Week 2024: Interview with Elizabeth Krpan

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During National Nursing Week, we’re celebrating the incredible nurses who play a pivotal role in the recovery process for patients and clients in our care. We spoke with Elizabeth Krpan to learn more about her experiences, challenges, and the profound impact of her work.

Happy Nursing Week Elizabeth Krpan

1. Why did you become a nurse, and what drove you to specialize in addictions care?

I became a nurse because I feel passionate about helping people and making a positive impact in their lives. I wanted to contribute towards changing the stigma surrounding drug and alcohol addiction.

2. Can you share a memory from your time working at one of our treatment centres, in which you were able to make a real difference in a patient’s/client’s recovery?

A client wrote a letter to me after their stay at Neworld, thanking me for making them feel “normal, heard and cared about”. You never forget those moments.

3. What do you find to be the most challenging and rewarding aspects of working in addiction treatment? What keeps you motivated through the challenges?

Witnessing the negative consequences of addiction and those it impacts. Addiction often leads to a deterioration in mental and physical health, relationships and financial stability. The most rewarding aspect is being a witness to the transformation of clients who successfully overcome their addictions. 

4. What is your approach to building strong relationships with people in your care, and why is it so important to do so?

My approach to building strong relationships with clients is through kindness and empathy. Providing a trusting and judgement-free environment enables clients to feel safe and secure at their most vulnerable stages of recovery.

5. Why should nurses choose to work in addictions care? What is your favourite part of the job?

Every person deserves a chance to become their best self. My favourite part of my job is knowing I contributed to a client becoming the best version of themselves.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for everything you do. Happy National Nursing Week!