International Overdose Awareness Day 2023

International Overdose Awareness Day 2023

End overdose this IOAD2023

On International Overdose Awareness Day 2023, we join communities, friends and loved ones of people who use drugs across Canada in remembering without stigma the lives lost to opioid overdose. This year’s campaign theme is “Recognizing those people who go unseen”, and we’re extending a heartfelt thank you to first responders, healthcare workers, and our passionately dedicated care teams here at CATC. Together, we’re helping people with opioid use disorder take control of their health and live free from the risk of overdose harm.

As Canada’s largest care provider for problematic substance use and addictive behaviours, we’re proud to be saving thousands of lives in communities across the country every day. Over the past year, our teams gave out more than 26, 100 Naloxone kits – each one preventing a potentially fatal overdose. But this important work never stops.

Over 26,000 potentially fatal overdoses prevented last year

An estimated 7,328 people died from opioid-related issues in 2022 and, according to recent projections, that number is likely to climb this year. In Northern Ontario and parts of BC, marginalized and underserved communities continue to bear the brunt of this national health emergency. The toxic illicit drug supply continues to morph into new fatal forms, with health and community care partners rushing to keep pace. Amidst this tragedy, we see in unshakable terms the importance of our work as we actively help to support the lives of those at risk.

This year, we’re giving out more Naloxone than ever before. Our teams across Canada are hosting or attending community events, helping to educate and raise awareness around these life saving tools. If you’re out and about today, make sure to stop by your friendly local clinic to pick up your free Naloxone kit today!! By keeping a kit on-hand, you’re helping to normalize naloxone – so more people are prepared to save a life.

Cameron Street Clinic community BBQ in New Brunswick:

Cameron Street Clinic overdose community event naloxone in New Brunswick

Grand River Brantford community event in Ontario:

remembering those lost to overdose in Brantford Brantford overdose community event naloxone

North Bay community event in Ontario:

North Bay overdose community event giving out naloxone North Bay overdose community event giving out naloxone North Bay team on IOAD2023

Belleville community event in Ontario:

IOAD2023 giving out naloxone in Belleville Giving out naloxone to prevent overdose deaths in Belleville, ON

Pic Mobert clinic decorated in memory of those we’ve lost to overdose:

IOAD2023 Pic Mobert clinic Pic Mobert clinic commemorates lives lost to overdose

OATC Oshawa attending the IOAD event hosted by John Howard Society:

Overdose awareness event in Oshawa Overdose awareness day event in Oshawa

OATC Keswick hosting their IOAD event:

Overdose awareness day community event in Keswick clinic Overdose awareness day community event Keswick Ontario

IOAD event in BC:

Overdose Awareness in BC Naloxone drive for overdose awareness in British Columbia

Looking for more ways to get involved? Visit the official campaign page where you can download additional resources.