Interview with Kylie Cordick – Canadian Patient Safety Week 2023

Interview with Kylie Cordick – Canadian Patient Safety Week 2023

Canadian Patient Safety Week 2023During Canadian Patient Safety Week we interviewed Kylie Cordick from our Quality & Continuous Improvement team, for further insights into CATC’s medication safety policies and procedures.

What does being on CATC’s Quality team mean to you?

Being on CATC’s Quality team involves a commitment to upholding quality as a core value for the company’s benefit, our highly valued staff members, and our patients. The Quality team means being dedicated to delivering quality services to our patients and supporting our frontline teams. Our quality team also ensures we have proper resources and training materials to help support our frontline staff. Quality Process Improvement consists of analyzing and optimizing processes to ensure efficiency, consistency, and the reduction of errors. The Quality team also works with data to identify trends, problems, and areas for improvement. Identifying and mitigating risks is crucial to maintaining quality. In summary, being on CATC’s Quality team means being dedicated to excellence, patient satisfaction, and continuous improvement.

What interests you most about patient safety?

Ensuring patient safety is closely linked to the overall quality of healthcare services. Healthcare providers strive to provide the best care possible, and patient safety is a crucial component of quality care. Patient safety is ultimately about protecting the well-being and lives of individuals who seek treatment at our locations. We strive to ensure all patients get the correct dose, the correct medication at the right time and the best care during their treatment journey.

Patient safety is a critical aspect of healthcare that focuses on preventing errors, injuries, and patient harm during medical care or treatment. And creating a healthcare system that is safer, more efficient and helps our valued team members and patients.

What differentiates CATC from other service providers when it comes to patient and medication safety?

CATC quality control measures and rigorous safety protocols in place can offer a higher level of patient care and medication safety. CATC ensures that staff members are well-trained and competent in medication administration and patient safety procedures. Our advanced technology and systems can enhance safety by reducing medication errors. We have a great team of knowledgeable Doctors, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Staff, Nurses, and Clinic Staff who work very closely with one another to help support our patients. We focus on individual patient needs and work together as a GREAT team.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for maintaining the highest standard of medication safety?

Maintaining the highest standard of medication safety is a critical concern in healthcare. One of the most significant challenges is human error. Medication safety often depends on healthcare professionals making accurate and timely decisions. Human errors, such as medication administration, prescribing, dispensing, and administration or dosage miscalculations, can lead to adverse drug events.

To address these challenges and maintain the highest medication safety standards, CATC focuses on education, training, technology upgrades, standardization, and continuous improvement in processes, policies, and procedures.

What’s your message to our pharmacy and clinic staff who work to ensure the safe administration of medication for our patients every day?

To the dedicated pharmacy and clinic staff who work tirelessly to ensure the safe administration of medication for patients every day, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude. Your work is of utmost importance in the healthcare system and is crucial in improving countless individuals’ health and well-being. I am very proud to work at CATC and alongside each of you. Your hard work and compassion make a significant difference and a positive impact on the lives of your patients each day. Your work can be challenging, often requiring long hours and the ability to adapt to ever-changing healthcare environments. However, your efforts don’t go unnoticed. You are true healthcare heroes, and your role is integral to the success of patient care.

Thank you for all that you do. Your work is truly appreciated.

What is your message to anyone who might be looking for help for themselves or someone they care about? Why should they choose us?

It takes strength to ask for help, and our caring CATC staff are here to help YOU!

We want to help you move toward improving and supporting your well-being. Our staff members are highly trained; we have processes to ensure you receive the correct dose and medication each time. Our Pharmacists, Pharmacy staff, Nurses, Support Staff, Doctors, and other team members are knowledgeable healthcare professionals. We will be there to support you on a daily basis, celebrate your wins, and help support you if and whenever you need it.

You can feel confident that you will receive the best care with our very compassionate CARE teams.

Thanks for sharing your perspective on patient safety, Kylie! Happy Canadian Patient Safety Week!

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