Interview with Marissa Wells – Canadian Patient Safety Week 2023

Interview with Marissa Wells – Canadian Patient Safety Week 2023

Canadian Patient Safety Week 2023During Canadian Patient Safety Week we interviewed Marissa Wells, a participant in our new Clinic Peer Quality & Compliance Program, for further insights into how this exciting initiative will shape and improve CATC’s medication safety procedures.

What has participating in the Clinic Peer Q&C program meant to you? 

Participating in the program has meant that I was able to assist my fellow colleagues with things like SOPs, day-to-day clinic functions, clinic safety, medication administration safety, and EMR pro functions. I have been able to share with my colleagues my experiences and knowledge while also learning from them.

What interests you most about patient safety? 

What interests me most about patient safety is the many ways in our day-to-day tasks that we are taking steps to ensure our patients safety. It is not always the big obvious things, but the small nuances are also just as important.

What’s something new you’ve learned through your experience in the program so far?

I have learned that you can NEVER stop learning, there are always new things to learn or refamiliarize yourself with. It’s our job as front-line staff to adapt to the new things going on around us.

What sets CATC apart in terms of ensuring patient safety? 

Patient safety is always top of mind. CATC has amazing training modules; the trainers and the online modules set every new and old employee up for continued success.

What is your message to anyone who might be looking for help for themselves or someone they care about? Why should they choose us?

We CARE! All front-line staff put their hearts and souls into everything we do every day. Most don’t even see it as a job they see this as a passion. There is never a “bad” time to get help. There is no judgement here at CATC. Everyone is welcome with open arms.

Thanks for sharing your insights into this exciting new program, Marissa! Happy Canadian Patient Safety Week!

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